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The best gets better with the new ACUITY 2019 predictive modeling system.

ACUITY 2019 provides fully automated severity adjusted outcome measures with no manual data collection! ACUITY 2019 uses more current data and predictions than APACHE models - improving accuracy - with observed and expected values nearly identical!

ACUITY 2019 models include: Unit and Hospital Length of Stay; Unit and Hospital Mortality; and Ventilator Day predictions to support Observed/Expected severity adjusted data to focus your process improvement efforts.

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FDA cleared GlucoStabilizer is integrated inpatient software for IV insulin management with the mission of improving glycemic control. 

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Variations in Case-Mix–Adjusted Duration of Mechanical Ventilation Among ICUs*
Kramer, Andrew A. PhD; Gershengorn, Hayley B. MD; Wunsch, Hannah MD, MSc; Zimmerman, Jack E. MD, FCCM, Critical Care Medicine, June 2016


The author's objectives were to develop a model that predicts the duration of mechanical ventilation and then to use this model to
compare observed versus expected duration of mechanical ventilation across ICUs. The setting included eighty-six eligible ICUs at 48 U.S. hospitals,

with ICU patients receiving mechanical ventilation on day 1 (n = 56,336) admitted from January 2013 to September 2014.

Measurements and Main Results: We developed and validated a multivariable logistic regression model for predicting duration of mechanical ventilation using ICU

day 1 patient characteristics. Mean observed minus expected duration of mechanical ventilation was then obtained across patients and for each ICU. The accuracy of the model was assessed using R2. We defined better performing units as ICUs that had an observed minus expected duration of mechanical ventilation less than –0.5 days and a p value of less than 0.01; and poorer performing units as ICUs with an observed  minus expected duration of mechanical ventilation greater than +0.5 days and a p value of less than 0.01.  For the rest of the study, click here to receive a copy.


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