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Adventist Health System and Medical Decision Network (MDN) Announce System-Wide Agreement | More > | PDF

MDN to Update Predictive Models and Develop New Analytics in ICUTracker | More >

MDN Expands Technology License to Subcutaneous Insulin Program I More >

MDN Acquires GlucoStabilizer from Alere Informatics Solutions I More >

MDN Acquires ICUTracker from Alere Informatics Solutions I More >


Adventist Health System and MDN Announce System-Wide Agreement


MDN to provide ICUTracker® Database Software to Adventist Intensive Care Units


Charlottesville, VA, Aug. xx, 2016 -- Medical Decision Network (MDN) has announced entering into a Master Services Agreement with Altamonte Springs, FL-based Adventist Health System for its ICUTracker (www, software. ICUTracker is a critical care database and retrospective reporting tool developed in response to the ever increasing need to monitor and report clinical and financial outcomes in the ICU.


Adventist Health Systems chose ICUTracker because this advanced user-driven software is a customizable application that can be used without any need for internal IT support and comes with pre-formatted quality reports. ICUTracker also features the most up-to-date set of predictive models in the market today, ACUITY 2016, which can be used for severity adjustment of outcomes in the intensive care unit. Developed exclusively for MDN by Dr. Andrew Kramer, President of Prescient Healthcare ( ACUITY 2016 represents the most accurate severity adjusted measurement available for ICU length of stay, hospital mortality and duration of mechanical ventilation.


According to Greg Menke, President and CEO of MDN, the market is shifting rapidly to embracing applications that help to better understand the impact that protocols have on patient care. "Hospitals are recognizing the value of having actionable information to drive better patient care. ICUTracker provides just that kind of information, and the decision by the Adventist Health System to use ICUTracker for that purpose places an exclamation point on this realization”.


Christy Kindler, West Division CIO for Adventist hospitals adds that "Adventist has long been an adopter of outstanding technology that has the ability to improve patient care and we can't wait to get started with the MDN team on our first implementation, which will be at Florida Hospital Tampa, one of our most progressive sites.” 




About MDN Founded in 2014, MDN ( is focused on providing technology driven IT solutions that improve the quality of healthcare while at the same time enhancing the contributions made by clinicians supporting the world of critical care medicine. In addition to ICUTracker, the company offers computerized tools to dose and manage insulin delivery in the ICU as well as a wide arrange of comparative data analytics


About Adventist Adventist Health System ( is a faith-based health care organization headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. A national leader in quality, safety and patient satisfaction, Adventist Health System's more than 78,000 employees maintain a tradition of whole-person health by caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient.


MDN to Update Predictive Models and Develop New Analytics in ICUTracker


Engages services of Prescient Healthcare Consulting

who will also assist in developing new outcomes performance graphics


MDN has engaged the services of Prescient Healthcare Consulting (Prescient - to update the predictive models in ICUTracker, as well as develop new analytics.  Prescient specializes in using innovative methodology to create actionable intelligence for health care organizations. Its founder, Dr. Andrew Kramer, is a co-developer of numerous predictive models for outcomes in intensive care units, including the much-heralded APACHE IV system. 


Dr. Kramer’s initial work will focus on updating ICUTracker’s predictive models, work that is essential according to Dr. Stanley A. Nasraway, Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.


“Any kind of model needs to be re-calibrated from time to time,” states Nasraway. “Having access to Andrew, with his vast experience in this area, and PHC, will ensure that MDN and their ICU Tracker users will have the most up to date, accurate models when it comes to predicting ICU length of stay and ICU mortality, both extremely important clinical metrics for my team here at Tufts”, he adds.

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Medical Decision Network (MDN) Expands

Technology License to Computerized Subcutaneous Insulin Program

Decision Expands MDN’s Access to Technology for Glycemic Control


Charlottesville, VA - January 8, 2015 - Medical Decision Network, LLC  ( MDN ) announced today an expansion of its license with Indiana University (IU) Health for the in-patient management of hyperglycemia.  IU Health has developed and deployed within their health system a computerized solution, GlucoStabilizer® Subcutaneous Insulin Program (CGS-SQ ), to manage the subcutaneous delivery of insulin to hospital patients suffering from elevated blood sugar. MDN is the first company granted a license to this program which has been in place at IU Health since 2008.


According to Greg Menke, President and CEO of MDN, the technology embedded in this license addresses an ever increasing clinical problem. “Patients presenting to the hospital with elevated blood sugar and the absence of a diagnosis of diabetes are at levels estimated to be at 40 percent,” according to Mr. Menke.  “Having access to this technology will allow our GlucoStabilizer customers the much needed ability to provide for the full maintenance and control of hyperglycemia from admission to discharge,” he adds.


Previously reported research by IU Health indicated that utilization of the CGS-SQ resulted in acceptable levels of glucose protocol compliance throughout the patient’s hospital encounter without any increased risk of hypoglycemia. “We have worked on the clinical issue of glycemic control for quite some time,” says JoAnn Brooks, Vice President System Quality and Safety for IU Health.  “Our institution has been at the forefront when it comes to glycemic control for many years and our technology has been the key to our success. We are pleased that MDN will now expand their use of our technology to include the subcutaneous management of insulin. It will give their customers a complete solution when it comes to glycemic control.”   


The CGS-SQ functionality is expected to be launched immediately following 510K clearance notification from the FDA.

Medical Decision Network Acquires GlucoStabilizer® from Alere

Insulin Dosing Management System helps stabilize glucose levels, reduce hypoglycemia and minimizes errors


Charlottesville, VA –April 17, 2014- Medical Decision Network, LLC (MDN), announced today that it has acquired the GlucoStabilizer® business from Alere Informatics Solutions. GlucoStabilizer® is a software-guided insulin dosing system, cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and used in critical care applications to calculating the dose of intravenous (I.V.) insulin needed to effectively control and stabilize blood glucose levels while reducing hypoglycemia and reducing errors.


“MDN was the original owner of the GlucoStabilizer® technology, having licensed it from the Indiana University Health System in 2004,” said Greg Menke, president of MDN. “The technology was acquired by Alere in October of 2011, and the business unit was renamed Alere Informatics solutions. We are excited about re-acquiring the technology and continuing to work with our many valued users”, adds Menke.


Traditionally, critical care nurses use paper-based protocols to manually monitor and adjust I.V. insulin dosing. In Deadly Errors Made in Intensive Care1 of the 38,000 reported mistakes, insulin was the single most common medication associated with errors due to overdosing and underdosing. GlucoStabilizer® reduces these risks by automatically calculating complex protocols to determine proper IV insulin dosage; replacing multiple protocols and sliding scale efforts with a standardized process of individualized care; eliminating the tendency to not follow a paper insulin dosing protocol; and alerting nursing with audible and visual alarms to improve efficiency and timely dosing adjustments.


The GlucoStabilizer® software-guided system is easy to operate, runs on a hospital's existing computer system and can be interfaced with a hospital information system (HIS).  To date, more than 100,000 patients with more than 4,000,000 blood glucose readings have had their blood glucose levels controlled with GlucoStabilizer®.


For more information, visit


1. John P. Santell, MS, RPh, Rodney W. Hicks, MSN, MPA, Judy McMeekin, From the Center for the Advancement of Patient Safety, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Rockville, Maryland. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, April 1, 2006; 19(2): 124 - 130.

Medical Decision Network Acquires ICUTracker from Alere

ICUTracker provides critical data for critical care units and helps improve overall outcomes and quality


Charlottesville, VA –August 31, 2014- Medical Decision Network, LLC (MDN), announced today that it has acquired the ICUTracker business from Alere Informatics Solutions.


Developed by a leader in hospital interfacing at the point-of-care*, the ICUTracker features an easy-to-use, network-based and menu-driven software; collects ‘the right data’ from a wide range of hospital systems; and generates aggregate, ‘action-plan’ reports with a few clicks of a mouse.


“MDN was the original owner of the ICUTracker® technology,” said Greg Menke, president of MDN. “The technology was acquired by Alere in October of 2011, and the business unit was renamed Alere Informatics solutions. We are excited about re-acquiring the technology and continuing to work with our many valued customers”, adds Menke.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (866) 791-6108 or send an email to Greg Menke at .


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